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The Hidden NIH Webpage NIH Website Lists Chromosome 1q42 Responsible for Morgellons Disease

(duplication/trisomy of 1q42 11 q42 12)



The National Institutes of Health in the Unites States List Morgellons as a genetically caused disease, specifically due to Chromosome 1 duplication/trisomy of q42 11 Q42 12.

October 11, 2010


The Hidden NIH Webpage NIH Website Lists Chromosome 1q42 Responsible for Morgellons Disease

(duplication/trisomy of 1q42 11 q42 12)


The National Institutes of Health in the Unites States List Morgellons as a genetically caused disease, specifically due to Chromosome 1 duplication/trisomy of q42 11 Q42 12.

This web page is not a new item but has been on my website for a couple of years.  It can no longer be found on the internet .  The implications of this web page were largely ignored at the time it was first found but with the passage of time it seems to be more meaningful since Morgellons sufferers have been largely ignored by the CDC and NIH for an additional 3 years.  I decided to post this information in a more prominent place and take another look at what it might mean in consideration of more recent research findings. 

Shown below  is a photograph of the hidden web page that was found while searching the phrase Morgellons  and 1 q42 11 q42 12,  which is a chromosome abnormality.   It is not the original page but a copy of the original page as posted on another website.  The original page was no longer available.

7/19/2006: The page is reported by NIH as last modified:  The National Institute of Health in the United States lists Morgellons as a genetically caused disease.  Included is a phone number to report cases and get disease information. 

7/23/2007:  Over 1 year after the NIH web page linking Morgellons disease with chromosome 1 q42 11 q 42 12 was posted online, it was found by Morgellons victim Jennifer Miracle, by typing the phrase Morgellons and 1 q42 into a search engine.

7/24/2007:  A phone call was made to the CDC by a member of Jennifer's family whose initial impression was that the NIH web page and the phone line were to aid Morgellons victims.   The CDC telephone representative immediately indicated that the web page was a clerical error.  The assumption now is that the webpage and the phone number were actually intended for the medical community.

7/27/2007:  Within the next 3 days after the phone call to the CDC phone representative all pages were removed from the internet .  This included the cached copies of the page. It is very unusual to see the cached copies of an web page removed so quickly.   A website who had reposted their page had to remove it.  No Traces of this page including cached copies are available anywhere except at Morgellons Exposed, at least for now.

The sole NIH person who answered the telephone, instantly stated that the web page below was a clerical error.   Wasn't she a model employee to instantly recognize this "error".  This web page was posted on the internet for over a year and was not corrected as an error.  The NIH immediately removed all pages only after they realized that the Morgellons community had found the page and were asking questions.

To view a photo of the full page Click on photo below.

According to the NIH website found on July 23, 2007 at Morgellons is caused by either duplication or trisomy of the chromosome 1q42 11 q42 12. However when reading the articles dating back more than 10 years at it appears that these articles do not describe the symptoms known from Morgellons accurately.

The NIH website clearly states "To learn more or to report suspected cases, call the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Morgellons information and voice mail line at 404-718-1199." and the page itself is reported as having been last modified on "Wednesday, July 19, 2006". We are awaiting a statement from the NIH and will report on it as soon as we receive a reply.

02/24/2010 Update: The reply from the CDC never came.

Are Morgellons Victims the Genetic Canaries in the Transhumanism Coal mine?

By Jan Smith

This web page was not openly available on the internet nor did it appear to be intended for the general public to read.  It was found by Morgellons sufferer, Jennifer Miracle, who had several family members with Morgellons disease who also had the 1Q42 11 genetic anomaly in their family genetics.  She typed the  phrase 1q4211 and Morgellons in her browser as just as a shot in the dark to see what would happen. The page above appeared. What are the odds that this obscure pairing of search terms would yield anything? 

I did have the opportunity to view this web page as posted by the NIH in it's original form before it's removal from the internet. Several other people also viewed this page while it was  still online.  I believe this page was a valid posting by the NIH.

This page was then posted to a Morgellons related web site to inform the public. Upon discovering this page had been publicly posted, the CDC and/or the NIH immediately removed all copies of this page. Cached copies of the page also disappeared from all search engines within 3 days.   To date there has been no official denial of the information contained on the web page.  Due to the absence of an official press release the public is left to ponder the meaning of the page.  Keep in mind that at the time of publication the CDC denied the existence of Morgellons Disease and when approached by Morgellons victims for medical information they were not asked to register or report their disease to the CDC.  It is apparent that this page was never intended for them.   How could the NIH make a clerical error using the term Morgellons Disease when they didn't officially recognize the disease at that time ?

During the period while this page was covertly posted on internet, the CDC was being contacted by many Morgellons victims for help or information.  The CDC's answer to them was a concerted brush-off of any responsibility.  Morgellons people were told to seek the help of their own physician. 

It was uncanny and as if on cue that physicians would, generally diagnose Morgellons victims  as having  delusional parasitosis.   I spoke at length to a doctor who told me that delusional parasitosis was such a rare condition that in a lifetime of practice it was rare for a psychiatrist to ever see even one patient with it.  Suddenly this rare and obscure condition was being diagnosed by GP's, dermatologists and even nurse practitioners.  Once this diagnosis was in a person's medical records it was all downhill from there.  Doctors prescribed antipsychotic medications that contained derivatives of piperazine or other medications that caused flaccid paralysis to nematodes and worms in mammals. This was always their first choice of treatment and a dangerous choice at that.  For more medical information see "Living with a Nightmare"

Piperazine is a commonly used component of swine dewormer.   It would appear to me that there has long been knowledge about Morgellons by the hidden presence of a phone number available for  physicians to advise them on  how deal with Morgellons suffers and to report cases.  I think they may have been waiting for us long before we ever approached them.

The plan was undoubtedly to abate some of the Morgellons sufferers physical symptoms with antipsychotic drugs that also contained these dewormer components.  In that way  people would actually come to believe that they were mentally unbalanced since their medication would abate some of the physical  symptoms of itching from the motile components of the fibers.  This was insidious planning if you ask me.  First discredit the Morgellons patients mentality so society will ignore the disease  and then treat aspects of the Morgellons patient's physical symptoms without the Morgellons patient even knowing it. 

 FYI  if a person is deemed delusional by a medical doctor they lose the right to be a member of a jury. They can easily have their power of attorney and control of all their worldly goods given to others without their consent.  They can be forced into a mental institution.  Further, the right to custody of their own children can be revoked. These travesties have happened to people I personally know.   

        Does Morgellons = duplication/trisomy of 1q42 11 q42 12 ?

What are the implications if Morgellons is actually caused by a genetic trisomy?  The term trisomy is used to describe the presence of three chromosomes, rather than the usual pair of two chromosomes.   Why should having an extra chromosome lead to copious lesions , fibers and other manifestations not seen in others?  These genetic anomalies did not suddenly appear in humankind in last 20 plus years or since people noted that they had Morgellons symptoms.  It would make more sense to ponder what has been added to our environment that would trigger this reaction from those with this trisomy genetic characteristic.

Think about this - If chemtrails and other sources of genetic manipulation materials are being added to the environment to alter the genetics of humankind then we are all exposed to them.  We are all breathing them in, ingesting them or perhaps even being injected with them through vaccines or other medical injections. Please read  Revelations From a Man Who Helped Design Morgellons Disease  for more information. 

If such an insidious genetic manipulation with the goal of transhumanism is now underway then the ideal situation would be to produce genetic material that would be invisible to the naked eye which would be microscopic to nano sized.  Out of sight out of mind.  This material would have to go unnoticed by the general population since there would never be a time when humankind would willingly vote to let a handful of mad scientists screw around with their genetics.  Here is a quote from Wikepedia regarding the negative side of Transhumanism.  It has been described by one critic, Francis Fukuyama who  authored  "Our Posthuman Future: Consequences of the Biotechnology Revolution" as  "The World's most dangerous idea"

Maybe one size does not fit all.  Could it be that those who have been studying the human genome for many years have a master plan and it is now in place?  Would it matter if an action against the population crossed all moral and ethical boundaries if it were scientifically possible?  Did 2 airplanes cause 3 buildings to collapse on 9/11 ?  Didn't a lot of innocent people die because there were no ethics or morality?  Wake up and smell the evil.

It is only logical to realize that not all people would perfectly assimilate to new genetics since in nature there are always mutations and exceptions to the rules. There have been many people in the last 30 plus years that have new diseases of unknown origins like Chronic Fatigue, Fibromyalgia, Morgellons and others.  Are we the genetic canaries in the transhumanism coal mine? 

What would be done to people who tried to get a new and bizarre disease like Morgellons recognized by the medical profession and the CDC?  Why, we would be declared delusional and monitored by the evildoers.  All of the medical professionals and scientists who wanted to help us would either be threatened or stripped of their credentials.  I could give you a list of names of those who this has happened to.  I know them.  It is still happening.  

Morgellons must be a real embarrassment to these evil schemers.   I am just one person who looked into a microscope and I can easily see what is hidden.  I have been able to gather hundreds of photos and have collected samples of bizarre crap made of silica, cellulose, polymers, polysaccharides and overt nano machines.  All of these were found in lesions on my own body.  They are not delusions they are on prepared slides for any qualified researcher to examine.  I am not guessing at this. I was fortunate enough to have many of these samples taken to research labs where they were scientifically tested and identified.  In spite of all my efforts and those of many others, most people would still prefer to think all people with Morgellons are delusional.  In order to believe what I am saying is true, the entire paradigm of a person's life will have to shift forever.  It is the alternate reality that I and many others are forced to live in.  Perhaps those who become fully assimilated to the new genetics without problems will never understand this because their cognitive abilities for critical thinking will be deleted. Instead they will be fixated on  video games or television programs somewhere in "Borgland."    Didn't anyone see "The Matrix?"

On one occasion anonymous email threats were sent to a radio station the day after a  Morgellons researcher was on a radio program.  In the letter the person identified them self as being in the highest levels of government.  There were parts of the letter that were never made public. Only someone in powerful places could have known some of this information. The letter had credibility. This disturbing letter made a curious statement beyond a veiled threat to the researcher.  The statement made was that " Morgellons is not a disease, it is an effect."  This incident happened several years ago and at the time I didn't understand what that statement meant.   I understand now.  It's a pretty ugly world once you find out what is real. 

At this time we know that at least 3 individuals with this genetic anomaly have Morgellons Disease.  Perhaps Morgellons is not actually a true disease but more of an allergic reaction or genetic misalignment to the foreign material being forced into our bodies.   It would be ideal if more Morgellons sufferers could have genetic testing but as always there is no public medical funding for Morgellons and thus far private sector support has been markedly absent for Morgellons disease research.  It is my hope that we will find individuals who will help support this cause since it is truly in the interest of all humankind.

My gratitude to researcher Clifford Carnicom for all of his groundbreaking work. Please go to his website and read his latest papers. He is finding altered cell structures in the human body which point to lab-made pathogens alive, proliferating  and being supported by human tissue.

 In collaboration with Dr Gwen Scott he has tested many people for fibers with the red wine-peroxide test.  Anyone can try this test at home.  Morgellons Wine Peroxide Test  This testing included numerous people of all ages.  Some of the subjects had Morgellons symptoms but many others had no symptoms at all.   I believe Clifford found fibers in 100% of ALL subjects he tested. 

 I know it is all hard to fathom but the evil ones have been around for a long time.  Nano and biotechnology is their newest playground.  If evildoers are clever enough to get away with something, your rights or human decency is never going to be an obstacle for them, neither is your vote.

  Remember the Tuskegee Experiment?   Ignorance is not bliss.



First Admitted Official NIH Webpage


First and Current NIH webpage regarding Morgellons for the general public.  Note:  The bottom of the page claims it was "Last Reviewed: Friday, January 18, 2008"



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NOTE: To learn more or to report suspected cases, call the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Morgellons information and voice mail line at 404-718-1199.


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